Specialized Courses in Simulation

Name of course


Collaborating simulation center

Approx. length

Institute for Medical Simulation (IMS): Comprehensive Instructor Course

Boston, MA

Center for Medical Simulation (CMS)

5 days

Improving Simulation Instructional Methods (ISIM)

Pittsburg, PA

Winter Institute for Simulation Education and Research (WISER)

3 days

Train the Trainer

Bristol, UK

Bristol Medical Simulation Center

2 days

International Workshop

Tel Hashomer, Israel

Israel Center for Medical Simulation (MSR)

5 days

Instructor Training Course

Sydney, Australia

Sydney Clinical Skills and Simulation Center

2 days

Center for Immersive and ­Simulation-Based Learning (CISL) Instructor Course

Stanford, CA

Center for Immersive and Simulation-based Learning (CISL) Stamford Medical School

2.5 days

Certificate in Simulation

Philadelphia, PA

Drexel College of Nursing and Health Professions

5 days

Australian Simulation Educators and Technician Trainers (AusSETT)

Rotating locations within Australia

Monash University (lead), The University of Melbourne, Edith Cowan University, Flinders University, The University of Queensland and Queensland Health

3 days

Coordinated Approach to Simulation Training (CAST)

East Bentleigh VIC, Australia

Southern Health Simulation Center, Monash Medical Center

5 days

Instructor Development: Simulation-Based Education Design and Debriefing

Rochester, MN

Mayo Clinic

3 days

Certificate in Simulation


Center for Interdisciplinary Clinical Simulation and Practice, Drexel University College of Nursing and Health Professionals

5 days

The Basic EuSim Simulation Instructor Course and the Advanced EuSim Simulation Instructor Course

Copenhagen, Tuebingen, Bilthoven, London

Danish Institute for Medical Simulation (DIMS), Center for Patient Safety and Simulation (TuPASS), BARTS and The London NHS Trust

3 days

Keystones of Healthcare Simulation Certificate

Toronto, Canada

SIM-One, Ontario Simulation Network, University of Toronto and Waters Family Simulation Center

Three multiday courses and presentation at conference required

Significantly, many of the centers have developed distinct principles and philosophies around creating learning environments (such as psychological safely), unique debriefing approaches, and professional development pathways leading to further opportunities for instructor development. Each has access to faculty from within or from affiliated institutions. Selection of the appropriate course should be based on matching these characteristics with the participant’s needs.

For those instructors and faculty who aspire a deeper understanding of the practice and scholarship of simulation-based education, there are graduate-level courses resulting in certificates and master’s degrees, with specific focuses on simulation-based education. Although many schools of education allow student projects in the context of health professions and even simulation-based education, only recently are master’s degrees being offered with explicit concentrations or emphasis available in healthcare simulation.

A few accredited institutions of higher education are now offering graduate-level credit and certificates of advanced studies in simulation-based education. A few examples of such programs that are situated in graduate schools are found in Table 43.2.

Table 43.2
Graduate certificate programs

Name of certificate

Institution of higher education

Collaborating simulation center

Credit requirements


Practicum required


Certificate in Simulation Education

BryanLGH College of Health Sciences


9 credits



Teaching and Learning Certificate with Concentration in Healthcare Simulation

MGH Institute of Health Professions

Center for Medical Simulation

9 credits

Hybrid–online theory course, on-site instructor course, and practicum

Yes, (50 h hands-on)

Graduate Certificate in Clinical Simulation

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