Bedside Obstetric/Gynecologic Ultrasonography

imagesIs an intrauterine pregnancy (IUP) (defined as yolk sac or fetal pole) present?

imagesAbdominal or pelvic pain

imagesSuspected ectopic pregnancy or risk factors for ectopic pregnancy

imagesVaginal bleeding

imagesUnexplained syncope, or hypotension

imagesPelvic mass


imagesAbsolute: None

imagesRelative (transvaginal approach): Recent major pelvic surgery


imagesGet verbal or written consent for the procedure, except in extremis situations


imagesNo documented harmful effects on the fetus or the mother due to ultrasound exposure



   imagesHave the patient lie supine

   imagesThe bladder should be full in order to have an adequate acoustic window

   imagesUse a standard curved 3.5- to 5.0-MHz probe to scan the lower abdomen

   imagesPlace the probe on the anterior abdominal wall, at the level of the symphysis pubis

   imagesFor advanced gestations, place the probe more proximally


   imagesInsert the probe into the vaginal canal

   imagesThe uterus is midline, posterior to the bladder and anterior to the rectum (FIGURE 44.1)

   imagesThe right and left ovaries are lateral to the uterus and anteromedial to the right and left iliac vessels

   imagesAnteroflexed uterus 90% and retroflexed in 10%


FIGURE 44.1 Transvaginal views of the uterus. A: Sagittal view. B: Transverse view.

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