Meconium Aspirator as Airway Suction Device

imagesTo suction/intubate a patient with significant blood, emesis, or secretions within the airway


imagesContraindications to direct laryngoscopy


imagesAll necessary supplies for intubation (see Chapter 1)

imagesEndotracheal tube (ETT) (without stylet, or can use stylet if you have a swivel adapter with a perforated head)

imagesNeonatal meconium aspirator



imagesAspiration without Stylet

   imagesConnect meconium aspirator to the end of ETT—see FIGURE 5.1

   imagesConnect suction to meconium aspirator

   imagesPrepare for intubation (preoxygenate, assess airway, position, prepare medications, etc.)

   imagesOccluding suction hole of the meconium aspirator with fingertip will allow ETT to function as a large-bore suction device

imagesAlternative: Aspiration with Stylet

   imagesConnect common swivel adapter with a perforated rubber head (Bodai Swivel, Sontek Medical, Hingham, MA) to the end of the ETT—see FIGURE 5.2

   imagesConnect meconium aspirator to swivel adapter and connect suction to meconium aspirator

   imagesETT stylet can be inserted through swivel adapter. See FIGURE 5.3 for complete setup (Figures 5.15.3).


imagesInability to visualize cords

imagesInability to intubate without stylet (consider using swivel adapter to allow use of stylet in ETT)

imagesClogging of ETT

imagesContamination of ETT

imagesInability to suction

imagesInability to intubate


FIGURE 5.1 Meconium aspirator connected to endotracheal tube and wall suction. (Courtesy of Scott D. Weingart and Sabrina D. Bhagwan; used with the permission of Metasin LLC.)

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