Sepsis Resuscitation in Resource-Limited Settings

Our evolving understanding of the physiologic processes that lead to sepsis has led to updated consensus guidelines outlining priorities in the recognition and treatment of septic patients. However, an enormous question remains when considering how to best implement these guidelines in settings with limited resources, which include rural US emergency departments and low- and middle-income countries. The core principles of sepsis management should be a priority in community emergency departments. Similarly, cost-effective interventions are key priorities in low- and middle-income countries; however, consideration must be given to the unique challenges associated with such settings.

Key points

  • Protocols may aid identification and initial treatment of patients presenting with sepsis to community emergency departments.

  • Aggressive fluid resuscitation and early administration of antimicrobials are key to effective care.

  • Major differences, including patient characteristics and resource availability, limit the generalizability of current sepsis guidelines to low- and middle-income countries.

  • Further research, specific to low-resource settings, is necessary to set priorities for expanding sepsis care globally.

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