Always Avoid the Bad Jobs—Know Yourself

Always Avoid the Bad Jobs—Know Yourself

Norman A. Cohen MD


In trying to find the best practice type, self-assessment is absolutely essential. Depending on the individual’s nature and personality, some practice types will work whereas others absolutely will not.


Are you a lone ranger, wanting to manage your life with the minimum of outside interference? Solo practice or locum tenens may fit you well, as these provide the individual the most freedom to choose one’s destiny. If you are a team player, enjoy the camaraderie of others, and are willing to collaborate, then any of the group practice types might work for you.


Free-spirited types who “get along to go along” are much better suited to a group practice; however, if being a free spirit means a lackadaisical attitude toward your obligations, then a group may not enjoy working with you as much as you enjoy working with the group! Anesthesiologists are often detailoriented and are somewhat obsessive about their practice. Within reason, obsessive behaviors can help an individual work well in either solo or group practice. When the obsessions start to create conflict with others, then solo practice may be preferable.

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